Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Weeknd To Remember

67,617, the capacity of Landover's FedEx Field. 67,617, the number of opportunities to see the Weeknd perform. 67,617 opportunities, all seized. Add thousands more who would pack the field as well and the scene was set for one hell of a show. Saturday night a SOLD OUT FedEx Field would welcome Grammy Award winning, singer, songwriter The Weeknd, as he embarked on the first leg of the After Hours Til Dawn Tour. With the release of his fifth studio album "Dawn FM", fans were filled with anticipation waiting to hear brand new music as well as all their favorites from albums past. 

The crowd began to chant, "Abel, Abel, Abel", aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd. As the sun went down in Landover, a blood red sun would rise on stage, illuminating a post apocalyptic city, massive in size. The intro to "Alone Again" would begin as a host of figures would emerge in red, sheer, burka like outfits, bordering the stage. A crumbling building would shine in a bright spotlight as The Weeknd rose from it's center serenading the crowd. He would perform the first half of "Alone Again" before lowering back into the building and out of sight. The music would fade into song two, "Gasoline". The singer would come back into view, making his way toward center stage, dawning a half face mask that looked like that of a porcelain doll. He would finish the song before unmasking, flashing a huge smile at the adoring mass of fans. He would play one final song before making his way down the catwalk heading toward a gigantic moon located at the opposite end. 

What would follow would be a stellar, theatrical, 29 song work of art. Playing to each area of the stadium, The Weeknd would deliver the old, the new, and all the favorites. Of the hundreds of concerts I've attended in my life, this was easily one of the best. Vocally and visually a complete thrill of a night. Check out the full setlist and photos from the show below!


1. Alone Again

2. Gasoline

3. Sacrifice

4. How Do I Make You Love Me?

5.Can't Feel My Face

6. Take My Breath

7. Hurricane

8. The Hills

9. Often

10. Crew Love

11. Starboy

12. Heartless

13. Low Life

14. Or Nah

15. Kiss Land

16. Party Monster

17. Faith

18. After Hours

19. Out Of Time

20. I feel It Coming

21. Die For You

22. Is There Someone Else

23. I Was Never There

24. Wicked Games

25. Call Out My Name

26. The Morning

27. Save Your Tears

28. Less Than Zero

29. Blinding Lights

All photos, credit, and copyrights: Joseph Noyes

Coldplay's Energy Lights Up The Stage

What a magical night it was at FedEx Field in Landover Maryland Wednesday. Coldplay would bring their Music of the Spheres World Tour to the DMV. After releasing their ninth studio album in October of 2021, Coldplay would embark on a globe spanning tour to promote the record. One of the band's primary focuses of the tour was to make the tour as sustainable and low carbon as possible. They would begin the show with a short video which explained the initiatives being used and how they fit into the show. It was pretty cool to learn how much of what we were about to experience was due to renewable energy. The backstage generators were run on recycled cooking oil, while show batteries were charged via solar and wind power. One of the more unique things to me was the energy generated from the fans themselves. There were bikes toward the back of the venue that fans could pedal while watching the show. The energy from the bikes was collected and used to help power the show. Finally, and the coolest feature to me, was the use of kinetic floors. The floors would collect and store kinetic energy created by dancing fans, which would help power the next stop of the tour. Portions of ticket proceeds went to reforestation, ocean clean up, conservation, re-soiling, and carbon capture.

As night fell, the inside of FedEx field would shine bright. A massive stage of circular LED screens would come to life, illuminating the crowd. The giant screens would follow the band through the backstage area as they headed towards the stage. Coldplay would emerge in the center of the venue as they entered the stage waving and greeting fans. Frontman Chris Martin would remain at the center part of the stage as the rest of his bandmates would make their way down the catwalk toward their instruments on the main stage. A countdown would begin on screen and when the clock hit 0, a mass of fireworks would stream from the back of the stage as the music began. Martin would perform the first couple songs as he roamed the massive setup, performing to each section of the venue, before heading to the piano for the band's hit song Paradise. Wristbands that were handed out as fans entered, created an amazing show of synchronized lights as the show progressed adding to the already vibrant atmosphere. 

After several songs, Martin would again sit at his piano and perform "The Scientist" as the rest of the band headed to the circular stage in the middle of the venue. The Band would perform three songs on the stage including their mega hit "Viva La Vida", before heading back to the main stage. The entire night was a visually stunning experience and kept fans dancing and singing along for the entire 23 song set. The setlist and photos can be found below!


Higher Power

Adventure of a Lifetime


Charlie Brown

The Scientist

Viva La Vida

Hymn for the Weekend

Let Somebody Go

In My Place


Human Heart

People of the Pride



Something Just Like This


My Universe

A Sky Full of Stars


Washington, DC the Day We Got Set Free


Fix You


All photos, credit, and copyrights: Joseph Noyes

The Hu Visit the Nation's Capital

If you find yourself an eclectic music fan, you are always on the lookout for something new, something different. Finding that unique sound, something you've never heard before. Enter The Hu. Formed in 2016, The Hu is a Mongolian Rock/Metal band. They utilize traditional Mongolian, or Tuvan, guttural/throat singing and combine it with the instrumentation of heavy metal. Their lyrics include both Mongolian poems and sayings. The band showcases Mongolian instruments such as the morin khurr, a stand up bass style instrument and the tovshuur, a guitar like instrument. The morin Khuur is regarded as a symbol of the nation of Mongolia and remains one of the country's most important instruments, while the tovshuur is linked closely to Western Mongolian folklore. 

Throat singing was a new experience for me, but one that I ended up really loving. Imagine the sounds of a didgeridoo, but as a human's voice. A low, humming bass sound that fits so perfectly with the the accompanying stringed instruments. Pair that with a very energetic and theatrical performance, some traditional Mongolian garb, and beautiful, visually stunning instruments. Add in the intimate setting of Washington, DC's Warner Theater and it was a show I will not soon forget. 

While I myself didn't understand the lyrics being sung, I was shocked by how many concert goers were singing along, word for word. The audience response and participation along with the fact that it was a sold out show is a testament to the group and their art. 


1. Shihi Hutu

2. Shoog Shoog

3. The Gereg

4. The Great Chinggis Khaan

5. Shireg Shireg 

6. Triangle

7. Bii Biyelgee

8. Huhchu Zairan

9. Tatar Warrior

10. Black Thunder

11. Yuve Yuve Yu

12. Wolf Totem

13. This Is Mongol


14. Sad But True (Metallica cover)

All photos, credit, and copyrights: Joseph Noyes

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Blame Canada!

   It was a night I had much anticipated. I’d get to see one of my favorite bands, Sum 41. A staple of my childhood into my teen years, Sum 41 was a pillar in the rock scene. Every movie, every tv show, every soundtrack, always on the radio…Sum 41. Imagine my INITIAL disappointment to find out, just hours before the show, that Sum 41 would have to cancel their set due to a Covid-19 issue, I blame Canada (see what I did there???). While I was certainly disappointed, I also had a lot of respect for the decision to keep both other tour members and the fans safe. 

After my initial wave of emotions and processing, I realized that everything was going to be fine. Why? Because Simple Plan and Set it Off were still going on as planned. When you have a Tour with bands like that if one can’t go on, you know you’re still in for a killer show. The venue had offered refunds in light of Sum 41’s cancelation and I had figured the venue would be a bit less full. My expectations were not confirmed, as when the show began the venue was packed. What a testament to Simple Plan and Set It Off.

I had only ever listened to Set It Off, never seen them. Seeing a band for the first time is always a special experience, and it’s not as often anymore that the shows I attend have a band I’ve never seen. They certainly did not disappoint. The group of neon haired musicians led by frontman Cody Carson put on an energetic, crowd engaging, eye catching performance. 

Time for the main attraction, Simple Plan. With a new album (Harder Than It Looks) set to drop just just days later, the thought of old classics, fan favorites, and new never before heard songs only increased anticipation. Every Simple Plan show I’ve ever been to has always been everything I’d hoped it would be, this time was no exception. 

The band took the stage to the theme of Star Wars in honor of the show falling on May 4th (Star Wars Day). Opening the set with the ever catchy “I’d Do Anything” and following up with songs from their first album “Still Not Getting Any” got the crowd jumping and the nostalgia flowing. Those in attendance were treated to a stellar 21 song set that lasted at least an hour and a half, if not longer. Giving the fans a longer set due to the unfortunate Sum 41 cancellation was such a classy move by the band. Not only did they extend their set, they even gave the fans some Sum 41, rocking a cover of “In Too Deep”. Always the charismatic frontman, Pierre Bouvier commands the crowd engages the audience with his on stage antics, scissor kick jumps, and vocal ability. A Simple Plan show is like a party with your most fun friends. Dancing, smiling, laughing, and singing. So much fun. 

By the end of the show you had the mindset of “man, what a great Simple Plan show!” Completely forgetting that there was a different lineup hours earlier. Not many bands are capable of having that effect on people, it’s just not that simple…Plan…(I think I’m so clever). While adjustments had to be made to the touring schedule in terms of date postponements for a few shows, the tour continues on. Remaining tour dates and tickets can be purchased on the Sum 41 (http://www.sum41.com/tour) and Simple Plan (https://officialsimpleplan.com/tour/) websites. 

Setlist (Simple Plan)

1. I'd Do Anything

2. Shut Up!

3. Jump

4. The Worst Day Ever

5. Your Love Is a Lie

6. Addicted

7. Congratulations

8. God Must Hate Me

9. Take My Hand

10. Welcome to My Life

11. Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare's Over)

12. Crazy

13. Ruin My Life

14. Summer Paradise

15. All Star / Sk8r Boi / Mr. Brightside

16. What's New Scooby Doo

17. Where I Belong

18. I'm Just a Kid

19. In Too Deep

(Sum 41 cover)

20. Untitled

21. Perfect

Friday, April 1, 2022

A Concert In "DREAMLAND"

   Chill, dance, unwind, party…all of these words can be used to describe the mood that Glass Animals can evoke. The versatility of the group is one that makes the band poised for absolute success and longevity. Admittedly, I myself was a bit late to the party when it comes to Glass Animals. It wasn’t until 2016 or so that I first heard the band’s music. The song “Gooey” from the 2014 album “Zebra” quickly became a favorite, making it’s way onto a number of my Spotify playlists. There was something so inviting about the soothing melody and vocals of front man Dave Bayley that just made all my worries and stress melt away. 

Fast forward to 2022, The Anthem, Washington DC (SOLD OUT!). I would finally get my chance to see the band live in concert! Based on the songs I’d heard from the band prior, I expected a more toned down, mellow kind of show, the type of show you’d expect to attend in a smaller more intimate setting. While the show did feel this way at times, the overall experience was more like a party and I could not have been happier with my experience.

The good time, party vibe was further portrayed by the band’s visuals on stage. Psychedelic lights and graphics on a huge led screen that filled the entire back of the stage. The atmosphere was that of being at a Miami pool party with palm trees, a diving board, and even a pool itself. The energy of the crowd was electric and was seemingly matched in it’s entirety by front man Dave Bayley. Talk about someone who knows how to command and engage a crowd, Bayley is certainly one of those people. His efforts were immediately rewarded with love from the fans only two songs in, when the venue erupted into a chant, spurring Bayley to say he felt as if he never left home.

The show would see the group perform a 15 song set, 13 preliminary with a 2 song encore (full setlist below) wrapping with the hit song “Heat Waves”. Despite being released in 2020, “Heat Waves” has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for the past four weeks straight. According to Billboard, it becomes the longest-running #1 hit in America by a British band since Spice Girls' debut chart-topping hit Wannabe.

This would be the final show of the band’s current DREAMLAND Tour run. The group is slated to begin a run of festival appearances including sets at the Lightning in a Bottle, Boston Calling, The Governors Ball, Glastonbury, Open’er, and Lollapalooza Stockholm Festivals, amongst many others later in the year. Upcoming show dates and tickets can be purchased at the band’s website glassanimals.com

Setlist 3/30/2022

1      Life Itself

2.    Tangerine

3.     Poplar St

4.    The Other Side of Paradise

5.     Space Ghost Coast to Coast

6.     Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth

7.     Your Love (Déjà Vu)

8.      Take a Slice

9.       I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)

10.   Youth

11.   Helium

12.   Gooey

13.   Pork Soda


14.  Tokyo Drifting

15. Heat Waves