Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Hu Visit the Nation's Capital

If you find yourself an eclectic music fan, you are always on the lookout for something new, something different. Finding that unique sound, something you've never heard before. Enter The Hu. Formed in 2016, The Hu is a Mongolian Rock/Metal band. They utilize traditional Mongolian, or Tuvan, guttural/throat singing and combine it with the instrumentation of heavy metal. Their lyrics include both Mongolian poems and sayings. The band showcases Mongolian instruments such as the morin khurr, a stand up bass style instrument and the tovshuur, a guitar like instrument. The morin Khuur is regarded as a symbol of the nation of Mongolia and remains one of the country's most important instruments, while the tovshuur is linked closely to Western Mongolian folklore. 

Throat singing was a new experience for me, but one that I ended up really loving. Imagine the sounds of a didgeridoo, but as a human's voice. A low, humming bass sound that fits so perfectly with the the accompanying stringed instruments. Pair that with a very energetic and theatrical performance, some traditional Mongolian garb, and beautiful, visually stunning instruments. Add in the intimate setting of Washington, DC's Warner Theater and it was a show I will not soon forget. 

While I myself didn't understand the lyrics being sung, I was shocked by how many concert goers were singing along, word for word. The audience response and participation along with the fact that it was a sold out show is a testament to the group and their art. 


1. Shihi Hutu

2. Shoog Shoog

3. The Gereg

4. The Great Chinggis Khaan

5. Shireg Shireg 

6. Triangle

7. Bii Biyelgee

8. Huhchu Zairan

9. Tatar Warrior

10. Black Thunder

11. Yuve Yuve Yu

12. Wolf Totem

13. This Is Mongol


14. Sad But True (Metallica cover)

All photos, credit, and copyrights: Joseph Noyes

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