Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Blame Canada!

   It was a night I had much anticipated. I’d get to see one of my favorite bands, Sum 41. A staple of my childhood into my teen years, Sum 41 was a pillar in the rock scene. Every movie, every tv show, every soundtrack, always on the radio…Sum 41. Imagine my INITIAL disappointment to find out, just hours before the show, that Sum 41 would have to cancel their set due to a Covid-19 issue, I blame Canada (see what I did there???). While I was certainly disappointed, I also had a lot of respect for the decision to keep both other tour members and the fans safe. 

After my initial wave of emotions and processing, I realized that everything was going to be fine. Why? Because Simple Plan and Set it Off were still going on as planned. When you have a Tour with bands like that if one can’t go on, you know you’re still in for a killer show. The venue had offered refunds in light of Sum 41’s cancelation and I had figured the venue would be a bit less full. My expectations were not confirmed, as when the show began the venue was packed. What a testament to Simple Plan and Set It Off.

I had only ever listened to Set It Off, never seen them. Seeing a band for the first time is always a special experience, and it’s not as often anymore that the shows I attend have a band I’ve never seen. They certainly did not disappoint. The group of neon haired musicians led by frontman Cody Carson put on an energetic, crowd engaging, eye catching performance. 

Time for the main attraction, Simple Plan. With a new album (Harder Than It Looks) set to drop just just days later, the thought of old classics, fan favorites, and new never before heard songs only increased anticipation. Every Simple Plan show I’ve ever been to has always been everything I’d hoped it would be, this time was no exception. 

The band took the stage to the theme of Star Wars in honor of the show falling on May 4th (Star Wars Day). Opening the set with the ever catchy “I’d Do Anything” and following up with songs from their first album “Still Not Getting Any” got the crowd jumping and the nostalgia flowing. Those in attendance were treated to a stellar 21 song set that lasted at least an hour and a half, if not longer. Giving the fans a longer set due to the unfortunate Sum 41 cancellation was such a classy move by the band. Not only did they extend their set, they even gave the fans some Sum 41, rocking a cover of “In Too Deep”. Always the charismatic frontman, Pierre Bouvier commands the crowd engages the audience with his on stage antics, scissor kick jumps, and vocal ability. A Simple Plan show is like a party with your most fun friends. Dancing, smiling, laughing, and singing. So much fun. 

By the end of the show you had the mindset of “man, what a great Simple Plan show!” Completely forgetting that there was a different lineup hours earlier. Not many bands are capable of having that effect on people, it’s just not that simple…Plan…(I think I’m so clever). While adjustments had to be made to the touring schedule in terms of date postponements for a few shows, the tour continues on. Remaining tour dates and tickets can be purchased on the Sum 41 (http://www.sum41.com/tour) and Simple Plan (https://officialsimpleplan.com/tour/) websites. 

Setlist (Simple Plan)

1. I'd Do Anything

2. Shut Up!

3. Jump

4. The Worst Day Ever

5. Your Love Is a Lie

6. Addicted

7. Congratulations

8. God Must Hate Me

9. Take My Hand

10. Welcome to My Life

11. Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare's Over)

12. Crazy

13. Ruin My Life

14. Summer Paradise

15. All Star / Sk8r Boi / Mr. Brightside

16. What's New Scooby Doo

17. Where I Belong

18. I'm Just a Kid

19. In Too Deep

(Sum 41 cover)

20. Untitled

21. Perfect

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