Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Weeknd To Remember

67,617, the capacity of Landover's FedEx Field. 67,617, the number of opportunities to see the Weeknd perform. 67,617 opportunities, all seized. Add thousands more who would pack the field as well and the scene was set for one hell of a show. Saturday night a SOLD OUT FedEx Field would welcome Grammy Award winning, singer, songwriter The Weeknd, as he embarked on the first leg of the After Hours Til Dawn Tour. With the release of his fifth studio album "Dawn FM", fans were filled with anticipation waiting to hear brand new music as well as all their favorites from albums past. 

The crowd began to chant, "Abel, Abel, Abel", aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd. As the sun went down in Landover, a blood red sun would rise on stage, illuminating a post apocalyptic city, massive in size. The intro to "Alone Again" would begin as a host of figures would emerge in red, sheer, burka like outfits, bordering the stage. A crumbling building would shine in a bright spotlight as The Weeknd rose from it's center serenading the crowd. He would perform the first half of "Alone Again" before lowering back into the building and out of sight. The music would fade into song two, "Gasoline". The singer would come back into view, making his way toward center stage, dawning a half face mask that looked like that of a porcelain doll. He would finish the song before unmasking, flashing a huge smile at the adoring mass of fans. He would play one final song before making his way down the catwalk heading toward a gigantic moon located at the opposite end. 

What would follow would be a stellar, theatrical, 29 song work of art. Playing to each area of the stadium, The Weeknd would deliver the old, the new, and all the favorites. Of the hundreds of concerts I've attended in my life, this was easily one of the best. Vocally and visually a complete thrill of a night. Check out the full setlist and photos from the show below!


1. Alone Again

2. Gasoline

3. Sacrifice

4. How Do I Make You Love Me?

5.Can't Feel My Face

6. Take My Breath

7. Hurricane

8. The Hills

9. Often

10. Crew Love

11. Starboy

12. Heartless

13. Low Life

14. Or Nah

15. Kiss Land

16. Party Monster

17. Faith

18. After Hours

19. Out Of Time

20. I feel It Coming

21. Die For You

22. Is There Someone Else

23. I Was Never There

24. Wicked Games

25. Call Out My Name

26. The Morning

27. Save Your Tears

28. Less Than Zero

29. Blinding Lights

All photos, credit, and copyrights: Joseph Noyes

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